Beginner Band

Empty Bandhall
PURPOSE: The Beginner Band is divided into specialized classes for the purpose of teaching the basic fundamentals of playing a band instrument. Students will complete objectives to demonstrate good tone production, technical skills, musical expression, and music theory. Three concerts are scheduled during the year and are announced at the beginning of the year. All beginner band students will have the opportunity to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Contests in the Spring semester, provided they have met the academic eligibility requirements. All students will also have the opportunity to attend the Peak Festival Full Band Contest in the spring provided they have:
  1. met the academic eligibility requirements;
  2. successfully passed all the required objectives by a designated deadline;
  3. attended all required rehearsals; and 
  4. maintained a positive attitude throughout the school year.
Beginner Band members meet in sections with other students playing the same instrument.