Private Lesson Policy

The goal of the Coppell Middle School North Cougar Band is to provide the very best learning experiences for each band member. One of these vitally important enriched learning experiences is the opportunity for a student, regardless of grade level, to study privately with a professional instrumental performer and teacher. This wonderful opportunity is available to all band students 6-12, and is one of the many extraordinary enriched educational programs we offer our students regardless of ability level.

The private lesson program serves a two-fold purpose. It allows gifted students to excel at a much faster rate comparable to their own ability level by receiving professional individual training. Secondly, the lesson program enhances and improves the students who may need a little extra help getting started, improving the individual playing level of the student which has a very positive effect on the child’s self esteem. The results created with the lesson program are incredible. Professional musicians, many of which had a very difficult time getting started and may have given up, have blossomed in the lesson program and are now performing as professionals across our country. The rewards are endless!
  • Private teachers are selected & hired by Coppell I.S.D. Dept. of Instrumental Music.
  • Private lessons are available for all students grades 6-12.
  • Private lessons are an enrichment, A.P. type activity
  • Students studying privately are taught one time per week during the band class, before or after school. We normally have all of our lessons during the school day for parent convenience.
  • Private Lessons cost $22.00 per lesson. Parents pay for a full month at the beginning of the month for ease in record keeping. Checks are payable to the private lesson teacher.
  • Prior notification must be given if a lesson is to be missed. If no notification is given, and it is not an excused absence, payment for the lesson will still be required.
  • Any parents interested in enrolling their children in private lessons are encouraged to contact their child’s respective teacher via phone or email.
  • Lesson times are set-up on a first come first serve basis.
  • We are very fortunate in Coppell to have one of the finest lesson staffs in the country. Instructors from universities, performers with major symphonies and civic wind groups, and college professors all make up our lesson staff. 
Parent Responsibilities
  • Assist your child in having all materials at each lesson.
  • Identify the best time for practice and encourage regular adherence to that time.
  • Insist that a regular practice routine is followed. Warm-ups, scales, technical exercises, solo, and band music. Evenly spread practice time each night during the week.
  • As an expression of interest, periodically observe and make positive comments on the practice session.
  • Compliment your child for good work and faithfulness in practice. Encourage excellence, set goals, praise effort.
  • Attend your child's performances. Support their efforts!
  • Contact the director if you have any questions, need assistance, or if you are concerned about your child's progress.
Student Responsibilities
  • Be properly warmed-up before the lesson time begins.
  • Prepare music for each private lesson thoroughly.
  • Evenly spread your practice time during the week. 45 minutes per day is a great plan for success!
  • Always bring lesson materials and music to the lesson.
  • Always notify the teacher in advance if you must be absent from a lesson.